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·Wang Hongjun, CEO of Sinofert, visited Frontl…2014.10.13
·Cai Xiyou, President of Sinochem, inspected S…2014.09.30
·Sinochem Changshan launched new urea products2014.09.27
·Sinofert delegation headed by Wang Hongjun, C…2014.09.17
·Sinofert Announces 2014 Interim Results2014.08.21
·Sinofert convenes half-year working conferenc…2014.08.04
·Wang Hongjun, CEO of Sinofert, visited and in…2014.07.04
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·Ministry of Finance: “Initiative on Savi…2014.05.13
·Ministry of Agriculture: Farmers’Land In…2014.04.29
·General Administration of Quality Superv…2014.04.09
·Strategic Initiatives on Food Security2014.03.18
·Two ministries issue guidance on impleme…2014.02.14
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·Sinofert Comprehensive Service Solution …2014.10.15
·Campaign of Setting up Demonstration Cou…2014.04.08
·Leaders of Department of Economy and Tra…2014.03.26
·Sinofert and Dow AgroSciences sign strat…2014.01.30
·Sinofert granted Second Prize of Moderni…2014.01.24
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·Announcements and Notices - [Resumption / Inside Inform…
·Announcements and Notices - [Trading Halt] - ANNOUNCEME…
·Monthly Returns - Monthly Return of Equity Issuer on Mo…
·Announcements and Notices - [Discloseable Transaction] …
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