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Sinofert Holding Limited (“Sinofert”, formerly known as “Sinochem Hong Kong Holding Limited”), is China’s largest fertilizer supplier and distributor, covering the whole industry chain of resource, R&D, production, distribution, and agrochemical service. The Company was listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock code: 00297), after acquiring China Fertilizer (Holdings) Company Limited and its affiliates in July 2005. It is the first company in China’s fertilizer industry which is listed in Hong Kong.

Sinofert is significantly influential on international fertilizer market. It is a member of International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA) (Sinofert’s CEO serves as Vice President of IFA), and one of the global 17 council members of International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI). Sinofert is the largest fertilizer importer in China. With more than 60 years of experience and strength in international trade of fertilizers. As the main channel of imported fertilizers in China, it plays a key and constructive role in ensuring the supply of fertilizers which are in short supply in China, and regulating the supply and demand of fertilizers in China.

Sinofert is one of the largest fertilizer producers in China. It has the capacity of R&D and production of a complete set of new-type fertilizers, including macroelement, middle-element and microelement fertilizers, special fertilizer, slow/controlled-release fertilizer, and bio-fertilizer, etc.

Sinofert has China’s largest distribution service network in Chinese leading agricultural counties and provinces, which is built by itself and covers China’s 95% of arable land. It is the largest fertilizer distributor in China. Sinofert proactively promotes its worldwide resource acquisition strategy. Its phosphate resource is on the list of top 10 in China.

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