ntegrated Service of Knowledge Dissemination,
Field Instruction, Soil Testing and Formulated Fertilization

Sinofert entered into a framework agreement for strategic cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, PRC (“MOA”), National Promotion Center of Agricultural Technologies, and Yangling High-and-New Agricultural Demonstration Zone. It worked with the Ministry of Agriculture in the activity of “Double Increase by Two Hundred” for maize in Northeast China. It also opens field farmer schools in different areas across the country on cooperative basis, and takes part in MOA’s promotion of “soil testing and formulated fertilization” in “10000 villages, 1000 townships, 100 counties” as the leader of 100 pilot companies.

With its own distribution network spreading over leading agricultural counties across the country, Sinofert is also active in creating the 3-in-one agrochemical service system with functions of agrochemical knowledge dissemination, field service instruction, soil testing and formulated fertilization service, in addition to serving the purpose of supply, logistics and delivery of agricultural materials.

For years, the agrochemical service system of Sinofert has been serving as a creditable and reliable network platform in respect of ensuring supply of agricultural materials, stabilizing the market of agricultural materials, responding to the spirit of Central Document No.1, exerting the main force function of a Central company, and performing social responsibilities. Sinofert’s advanced practice of serving the agricultural sector has been covered by Central mainstream media for many consecutive years, and affirmed and praised by the Party Central Committee and relevant ministries and commissions of the State Council.

Agrochemical knowledge dissemination system. Sinofert has taken the lead in China’s agricultural material industry in launching the free “800” service hotline and “400” customer service system. On long-term basis, the Company engages experts and professors from China Agricultural University and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences to answer questions from farmers about planting and fertilizer application. By the end of 2011, cumulative 200,000 phone calls were answered. More than 193,000 farmers were directly benefited. The public welfare program “Sinochem Agriculture Square” – which is under the cooperation with the Central People’s Radio Station disseminates knowledge on scientific fertilizer application and insect prevention, offering the “Air Classroom” which serves farmers directly, with accumulated listening exceeding 1.4 billion person-times. Sinofert cooperates with newspapers and periodicals such as Farmers’ Daily and Agricultural Materials Guide, which target at farmers, agriculture and countryside (“Sannong”) and the agricultural materials sector, opening the “Page for Agrochemical Service” all the year round, which has been a piece of “knowledgeable paper” directly instructing farmers and agricultural material distributors on how to farm in a scientific way.

Field Service Instruction System. Presently, Sinofert has more than 3000 demonstration villages for scientific fertilizer application in major agricultural counties across the country, averaging 2 in each agricultural county. It reorganizes and formulates systems to offer demonstration and extension services of scientific fertilizer application, and balanced fertilizer application. Averagely, each demonstration village has arable land of 3000 mu. Each demonstration village mobilizes about 10 surrounding villages, with the directly benefited and radiated arable land exceeding 100 million mu, and benefited farmers exceeding ten thousand.

Soil Testing and Fertilization Service System. Since 2006, the Company has established the “Technology Centre – Lab – Service Station (offered at distribution centres)” 3-level soil testing and formulated fertilization service system gradually by relying on authoritative experts and lab equipment from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and by using the labs of controlled producers and the service capacity of more than 2100 distribution centres. Thus it has brought the service process as follows: grass-root service personnel take soil sample on the site – lab and technology centre test the soil – experts issue the fertilizer application formula according to the test result and needs of planting.