Diammonium phosphate of SinoFert

As the largest provider of sulfurous compound fertilizer in China, SinoFert provides series of diammonium phosphate products for farmers. These include those products produced in Moroccan and Tunisian phosphorites, and those produced in subordinate companies of SinoFert, for example, SinoFert Guiyang Kailin, SinoFert Chongqing Fuling and other large-scale corporations of phosphate fertilizer. All products of diammonium phosphate made in SinoFert are produced in a traditional way, and they all meet Standards for State High-Quality Products.

1. Product Specifications:

All products of diammonium phosphate meet the Standards for State High-Quality Products. Specifically, the content of the overall nutrient >=64%; the content of phosphor(P2O5)>=46%, among which the content of hydrogen phosphate (P2O5)>=41% and the content of nitrogen (N) >=18%.

2. Characterisitics of fertilizer:

SinoFert's Diammonium phosphate has the following merits.

- High percent of nutrients. The overall contents of nitrogen and phosphor reach as high as 64%, therefore, it is a compound fertilizer with high-density nitrogen and phosphor;

- High percent of hydrogen phosphor. Fast absorption and intense vigor;

- Fertilizer is almost neutral and Chlorin is excluded. It is beneficial to maintain soil nutrient in the long term;

- Granule is uniform and it is difficult to copy and counterfeit;

- It is specially applicable to the soil in the north;

- It is applicable for all kinds of plants in large fields;

- It is applicable for ground fertilizer, especially plant fertilizer;

- It is beneficial to environment protection without pollution;

- It is high-quality and has a stable fertilizer effect.

3. Fertilizing suggestions: Basic proportion for ground fertilizer(Kg / Mu)

SinoFert's Diammonium phosphate can be applied as a ground fertilizer and plant fertilizer, and carbamide can be applied as additional fertilizer. Carbamide applied in soybean is 5 kilograms approximately per Mu, and carbamide applied in other plants is 10-15 kilograms per Mu.

4. Notes:

When applying diammonium phosphate, a correct fertilizing method shall be taken. It is noted that fertilizing shall be kept on balance. For those plants in the large field (including grain plants and economic plants), diammonium phosphate is applicable for ground fertilizer and plant fertilizer but inapplicable for additional fertilizer; while for those economic plants, vegetables and fruit trees, diammonium phosphate shall be compounded with proper amount of potash fertilizer when it is applied as ground fertilizer.