Sinofert owns the largest agricultural inputs distribution network in China, with 17 subsidiaries and 2110 distribution outlets by the end of the year 2011. The distribution network covers all major agricultural counties in China mainland except Tibet Autonomous Region,and over 95% arable land in China.

Sinofert carries out the strategy of combining direct sales and rural distribution. In the process of distribution network building, Sinofert adopts a policy of establishing distribution centers at the county level, which is in favor of develops more customers at the township level and continues to optimize customer structure. Direct fertilizer supplying channel is beneficiary to farmers.

Sinofert has set strict standards for the financial, business and logistics operation in the distribution network, in addition to promoting standardization management, effectively unified ISP, staff behavior and various procedure. The company has built a complete distribution network operation system to ensure the operation quality. Meanwhile, in order to effectively execute the network standardization management system and provide information technology (IT) support, Sinofert set up a set of information system including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Distribution Management System (DMS) and Office Automation (OA).

To match the fast development of distribution network, Sinofert has made great efforts to enhance logistical and delivery capability. The Company has established logistics system including seaport delivery and inland warehouses stocks, owning more than 500 transit warehouses and 2 million tones stocking. Apart from the above, Sinofert actively seek chances to participate construction of seaport and major agricultural districts’ stocking facilities.

The intensive and scaling agricultural production will provide wider development room for Sinofert, We will make appropriate adjustment following China agricultural development direction, to make greater contribution to China food security.