Worldwide resource acquisition strategy

The Company promotes its resource acquisition strategy proactively, striving to make the industry chain smooth, providing resource guarantee for building sustainable development capacity.

The Company has made breakthrough in respect of upstream resource acquisition strategy. In January 2012, the Company wholly acquired Longmang Phosphate Chemicals Co., Ltd. in Xundian, Yunnan (now renamed Sinochem Yunlong Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.), obtaining 300 million tons of quality phosphate ores, and becoming one of the domestic companies with most phosphate ores. At the same time, with phosphate ores mining and dressing capacity of 600,000t per annum, it is now the only domestic company capable of annually producing 300,000t feed-grade monocalcium phosphate, dicalcium phosphate/calcium biphosphatet meeting international standards. It has been awarded relevant certificates by EU and US.