Face-to-face Coaching by Coacher

As for new employees, while offering induction training, the Company will arrange a business backbone or manager as a coacher to help new employees get full knowledge about the company and its business process and regulations, and drive them into the big family of fertilizer quickly.

Perfect Training System

As a professional training organization of Sinofert, Excellence College pays concern to the career development of employees at every time, sets up a multi-level training system in response to different needs of employees, and help employees improve their professional skills and personal quality continuously during their career development to achieve better career development. With external training organizations, the company’s internal facilitators and internal E-learning platform, Sinofert’s Excellence College provides a wide range of curriculums for employees, including: leadership training, marketing, production management, human resource, financial management, personal skill, vocational health, etc. For excellent employees, the Company also provide learning resources such as EMBA, MBA, and study abroad.

Internal Flow and Job Rotation Mechanism

Sinofert maintains a perfect internal recruitment system, providing opportunities of internal job rotation and a vast platform of career development for employees. In addition, in different business units, the Company has job rotation learning bases to carry out job rotation program vigorously, enhance communication between superiors and subordinates, and devote to foster backup human resource understating the frontline of business.

Multi-sequencing career development channels

The Company implements multi-sequencing and multi-level career development channels, maintains an equitable, open and impartial selection, evaluation and promotion system to provide powerful guarantee for employees’ development. Employees may their select career development direction suitable for themselves according to their own characteristics and special skill or knowledge to realize their personal growth. The Company employs a person based on his/her ability instead of the years of service. An employee with high performance and high potential will be recognized by the Company, and have more opportunities of working practice and learning.