Science and technology innovation strategy serving the industry

Sinofert has formed a science and technology innovation system consisting of management structure, innovation platform and team, institutional mechanism, science and technology input etc. It has established one phosphate & compound corporate research center and 3 provincial corporate technical centers. At the same time, it is preparing to establish a nitrogen research center and a plant nutrition and protection research center. Annual investment in science and technology exceeds 100 million yuan, mainly used for improvement for energy saving and energy consumption reduction during the production process, research of significant key technologies, as well as development of innovative products, technological services and generalization. During the 11th Five-year Plan, in terms of R&D of new technologies, Sinofert developed several domestically leading technologies, including the refined wet phosphate acid technique, low-temperature thermal recovery technique in the production of sulfuric acid, deep hydrolyzing technique of waste urea liquid, & high-tower compound fertilizer dehumidifying technique. It has applied for more than 30 patents. In terms of new product development, the Company cooperates proactively with advanced companies and research institutions at home and abroad and conducts joint research and productions with 8 agricultural research and teaching institutions including Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, & China Agricultural University.