On June 7th, 2004, the company, cooperating with China National Radio, produced an agricultural information program called ¡°Sinochem Agricultural Plaza¡±. This program focuses on and services for China's Agriculture, Rural Areas and Farmers. Along with the electric wave of ¡°Voice of China¡±, it offers an air class which leads farmers to fertilize in right way and become rich.

Producing Sinochem Agricultural Plaza is a pioneering work of the company among numbers of fertilizer producers in China. The program invites leading experts on agricultural chemistry from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the China Agricultural University. With those experts, it imparts agricultural knowledge on fertilizing and farming, which is relatively practical and close to daily life. Meanwhile, it provides information on characteristics of Sinochem products, the company¡¯s sales points and their contact method for the convenience of farmers to buy high quality fertilizer in low price. It becomes the bridge and belt between the company and farmers.

Sinochem Agricultural Plaza mainly focuses on news of agricultural industry, knowledge on fertilizing and agricultural chemistry, answering questions from Toll-Free 800 Number centralized, information about fertilizer market, industry analysis, national policies interpretation etc.

Broadcasting Schedule:
Broadcast Frequency:


Broadcast frequency of "Voice of China", China National Radio
  • Beijing:FM106.1
  • Tianjin:FM102.9
  • Tianjin:FM99.0
  • Chongqing:FM95.2
  • Guangzhou:FM89.3
  • Changchun:FM99.1
  • Shenyang:FM94.8
  • Dalian:FM107.8
  • Hangzhou:FM90.2
  • Changsha:FM95.0
  • Xi-an:FM96.4
  • Fuzhou:FM93.5
  • Nanning:FM106.2
  • Harbin:FM89.9
  • Shijiazhuang:FM95.6
  • Hohhot:FM97.1
  • Urumqi:FM88.7
  • Ningbo:FM95.7
  • Taiyuan:FM97.0
  • Shengzhen:FM95.8
  • Haikou:FM105.8
  • Jinan:FM89.8
  • Qingdao:AM756
  • Nanchang:FM89.1
  • Xiamen:FM102.6
  • Yinchuan:FM96.4
  • Zhengzhou:FM101.2
  • Hefei:FM93.5
  • Wuhan:FM95.6
  • Nanjing:FM95.8
  • Xining:FM91.6
  • Lanzhou:FM94.8
  • Lhasa:FM89.2
  • Kunming:AM1008
  • Chengdu:FM103.7
  • Guiyang:FM93.6
  • Zhuhai:FM99.1
  • Beihai:FM102.5
  • Daqing:FM103.9
  • Baoding;FM98.3
  • Tangshan:FM93.2
  • Nanping:FM99.8
  • Changde:FM94.7