Potash Fertilizer of SinoFert

As the largest fertilizer provider in China, SinoFert has been providing series of high-quality products of potash fertilizer for farmers. Because China is the country that potash resources are seriously insufficient, therefore, in order to meet requirements for agricultural production in China, SinoFet commits itself to introducing global potash resources with the best quality into China. The potash fertilizers are respectively imported from Canada, Russia, Jordan, Israel, etc. They are made up of series of products of potash fertilizer of SinoFert. Recently, the largest producing area of potash fertilizer, potassium chloride produced in Qinghai Province also becomes a member of SinoFert in terms of potash fertilizer.

In terms of physical configuration, potash fertilizer made in SinoFert can be divided into three types, namely, powder, crystal and big granule (The granule diameter lasts for 1-4 mm). In terms of appearance, it can be divided into two types, namely, the red one and the white one. In terms of content of potassium oxide, it can be divided into two types, namely, the grade of 60% and the grade of 62%. In terms of usage, it can also be divided into two types, namely, agricultural use and industrial use. The various types of products can meet requirements of farmers and individual requirements of factories that produce compound mixture fertilizer, potassium sulfate, potassium nitrate and other refined chemical products.

Potash fertilizer of SinoFert that are directly applied in agriculture is mainly produced in Canada, which is the largest country producing potash fertilizer in the world. After careful selection, SinoFert ensures to make stable provision and provide favorable service for domestic customers with high-quality potash fertilizer. Because the potash fertilizer has been accessed to Chinese market early, and it highly regards promotion of product and related service, therefore, the potash fertilizer of SinoFert produced in Canada has been primarily concerned by Chinese farmers currently. The districts applied with potash fertilizer include most of provinces in the south, like Guangdong Province, Guangxi Province, Hunan Province, Hubei Province, Jiangxi Province, Fujian Province, Hainan Province, etc.

1. Characteristics of product: Among series of products of potash fertilizer of SinoFert, the red potassium chloride produced in Canada, contains potassium oxide which content counts for 60%. It has a good property of hydrogen appears in pink. Generally, it is packed up in the standardized plastic knitted bag with inner line that weighs for 50 kg. It cannot only raise the average yield, but also improve the quality of agricultural products. The fertilizer effect is distinctive in the field where potassium is insufficient. Generally, the production increased is more than 15%, which is warmly welcomed by farmers.

2. Fertilizing suggestions: Dosage of potassium chloride(Kg / Mu) Plants The Southern areas The Northern areas Grain plants 8-12 4-8 Vegetables 10-14 8-12 Economic plants 14-18 12-16 Fruit trees 18-22 16-20

3. Notes: It can be fertilized directly, or work with nitrogenous fertilizer and phosphate fertilizer to act as ground fertilizer or early additional fertilizer. When being applied, it shall be fertilized under seeds while it can't touch with them directly in case that seeds are burned with over-fertilizer. For the plant with high productivity, it tends to adopt the upper limit, whereas for the plant with low productivity, it tends to adopt the lower limit. For tobacco and those plants that abstain from chlorine, it shall fertilize little amount or nothing at all. For economic plants like banana, lichee, etc, it shall fertilize more potassium chloride.

The overall dosage: potassium chloride fertilized in the southern area is more than the one applied in the northern area. The amount of Potassium chloride fertilized for economic plants is more than the one for grain plants.

Feed Potassium into SinoFert Enrich People of World SinoFert-Fertilizer creates value and serves agriculture, countryside and farmers with Potassium

As the main channel for state-run trade authorized by the Chinese Government and the largest fertilizer importer in China, SinoFert imports high-quality fertilizers that are insufficient in China every year, which take about 60% of the gross fertilizer imported into China. SinoFert is the sole importing agency for high-quality Canadian potash fertilizers sold in the Chinese market.

Canada has the richest potassium resource in the world and it is one of the major countries exporting potash fertilizer. The "Red Potassium" produced in Canada has been reputed for a long time and sold out all over the world. In the early 1970s-1980s in the last century, Canada has established a close relationship with local agriculture academies in 13 provinces in the south of Changjiang River. It has done a great deal of meaningful work by virtue of experiment, demonstration and promotion. In this way, the potassium chloride made in Canada has been successfully accessed to the Chinese fertilizer market step by step and keeps its popularity up to now, and it is warmly favorable among Chinese farmers.

Canadian potassium chloride in the brand of SinoFert possesses the following five advantages. (1) It is pink in appearance and in the form of crystal granule. It is difficult to lose away when being fertilized. It has a high efficiency in utilization. (2) It has a high purity. The potassium chloride contained is more than 60%. (3) The potassium chloride has fast effect, which is easy to dilute and absorb by plants. (4) It is widely applicable to those plants that are insensitive and mildly sensitive to plants. The plants applicable are rather various. (5) Because Potassium has positive effect on improving quality of economic plants, it not only raises productivity, but also distinctively improves quality of agricultural products. Besides, on some circumstances, potash fertilizer can strengthen capacity for plants to resist unfavorable environment outside, for example, anti-drought, anti-coldness, etc. On February 27, 2005, as an offensive strategy, Canadian potassium chloride in the brand of SinoFert, which is the high-quality product subordinate to Sinochem Co., Ltd, makes another momentous effort in the agricultural market. Three items of service delivered to countryside, namely, "Fertilizer delivery", "Science and Technology delivery", and "Service delivery" inaugurates in Majiang Town, Chaling County of Hunan Province. The activity covers 18 cities in three provinces, namely, Hunan Province, Hubei Province and Jiangxi Province.

As the service of agricultural chemistry delivered by SinoFert takes up comprehensively in Yueyang City and Chenzhou City in Hunan Province since February 26, 2005, the sonorous and plain slogan of "Feed Potassium into SinoFert, Enrich People of World" becomes more and more popular among farmers. The products made in SinoFert are real and the prices are reasonable. The perfect image of service becomes increasingly rooted in the hearts of farmers. The promotion activity, which is run through March in the early spring, has been undergone simultaneously in two different routes, namely, the south and route and the north route in three provinces: Anhui Province, Hubei Province and Jiangxi Province. The journey lasts for more than 5, 000 km. It steps into 42 towns in 18 cities of the three provinces. There are 42 activities on performance at that time. This is the largest promotion activity in the market since Canadian potash fertilizer has been accessed to the Chinese market for more than 30 years.

To echo and carry out the direction of "trying to solve the issue of fertilizing for farmers" raised by Premier Wen Jiabao, SinoFert delivers advanced fertilizing technology to farmers. In order to provide face-to-face guidance on the spot for farmers on how to prepare fertilizer and how to fertilize, SinoFert also appoints the most authoritative experts in the field of agricultural che mistry in the country from China Agricultural University, China Academy of Agricultural Sciences, etc. The experts make detailed explanations on how to fertilize according to local plants, and they answer the questions raised by farmers on the spot. In this way, they provide knowledge to meet requirements for scientific fertilizing from farmers. Salesmen from SinoFert spare no effort on introducing farmers on how to purchase fertilizers. In these ways, the whole activity is not only a propaganda for farmers to be able to use fertilizer and furthermore well use fertilizer, but also a real class to train farmers to be conscious of brand.

Responsible staffs indicate that the purpose of the large-scale itinerancy exhibition is to fully exert the function of SinoFert as "the National Team" in the field of fertilizer. It tends to transfer the management concept called "creating values and serving agriculture, countryside and farmer", and the supreme tenet called "serving Chinese farmers with heart and soul" into high-quality products and high-level services for farmers, which are visible and touchable. Meanwhile, it also provides market support for distribution, and further raises the image of brand for corporation and products.

Following the tenet of "serving Chinese farmers with heart and soul", SinoFert has a complete system for brand promotion and agricultural chemistry service. Based on the acknowledged leading technology in the fertilizer industry, SinoFert makes unremitting efforts to enhance scientific fertilizing skills for Chinese farmers. For example, SinoFert opens up a free line on service-8008109991 in the country,which provides a platform for farmers to appeal to experts. It cooperates with China Agricultural University to establish the R&D Center of SinoFert at China Agricultural University, which is responsible for developing new fertilizer that is proper for Chinese situation, and making initiation for a new mode of agricultural chemistry service. It cooperates with China National Radio to make a commonweal program called "Agricultural Plaza of SinoFert", which establishes an wireless class for farmers to fertilize scientifically and pursue for prosperity. Three items of service delivered to countryside, "Fertilizer delivery","S&T delivery" and "Service delivery" intimates the relationship between SinoFert and farmers. The image of SinoFert, namely, real products, reasonable prices and perfect service is increasingly rooted in the heart of farmers day by day.