China’s largest fertilizer importer

With more than 60 years of international trade experience and strength, Sinofert keeps good strategic partnerships with international leading fertilizer suppliers. It has a stronger market position in respect of bargaining capacity, market share and brand effect. As China’s largest fertilizer importer, it plays an important role in meeting domestic needs for quality fertilizer resources which are in short supply, and regulating the supply and demand of such fertilizers.

In terms of potash import, Sinofert has built long strategic partnerships with international leading potash suppliers such as Canpotex, APC of Jordan, and Belarus Potash Corporation (BPC) by relying on its powerful position in respect of international trade that has been kept for many years. It plays a key role in mitigating China’s short supply of potash resource, filling the gap of domestic potash market, and stabilizing the supply of potash used for agriculture and industry in China. Under the background of high monopoly of international potash, production restriction and price protection by suppliers, and increasingly rising price, China has always kept the position of “low-lying land of price” of global potash. Here, Sinofert plays an important constructive role.

In terms of phosphate import, Sinofert is the exclusive long-term import agent of DAP from Morocco and Tunisia. It has not only extended and fostered these products into a top-grade product on China’s phosphate market, but also made outstanding contributions to balancing bilateral trade, and safeguarding China’s foreign economic relation.