Nomination Committee: List of Members & Terms of Reference

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Nomination Committee: List of Members
Mr. KO Ming Tung(Chairman)

Mr. LU Xin
Mr. TSE Hau Yin
Mr. Harry YANG
Nomination Committee:Terms of Reference
A nomination committee was established by the Board in August 2005 (the “Nomination Committee”) with its written terms of reference. The Nomination Committee currently comprises
four members. The Chairman of the Nomination Committee is Mr. KO Ming Tung, Edward and the other members are Mr. LU Xin, Mr. TSE Hau Yin and Mr. Harry YANG. Except for Mr. Harry YANG who is an Executive Director, the remaining three members are all Independent Non-executive Directors.
The terms of reference of the Nomination Committee, which have been revised in accordance with the Corporate Governance Code became effective on 1 April 2012, are described as follows:

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